Used is the new black

Gwen Stefani’s kids Kingston and Zuma always look pretty badass. They even have their own fashion blogStefani is now launching a new kids clothing line, Harajuki Mini, that Target will carry as a featured designer, which promises to crash the web site again. Before you name your kid Hara (or Juki)  and rush out to buy a bunch of new, chemically treated clothes, consider your local thrift shop or parent swap web site. It’s more unique, green and less expensive.

We spied a posh little Kingston Rossdale look-a-like in Boston Common the other week and asked his mom where he got his cool ripped jeans. Turns out, they were just vintage baby gap that the little bugga wore in himself. Can’t get more authentic than that.

I happened to be in Maine (aka Heaven) this weekend and passed by a thift shop in Ellsworth called 2nd to None. It was a gold mine. Vintage LL Bean flannels, mini Carhartt pants, baby jeans, all worn to soft perfection. Those of you real greenies out there are laughing at me now since I’m just discovering this vast treasure trove of used clothes, carriers and gear. (Frugality has never been my strong suit.) However, everyone can relate to cool vintage stuff that has been washed so many times, most of the really bad chemicals it was made with have dissipated. And don’t look now, but you’re recycling. As my friend reminded me last night, antiques are green. Happy shopping!

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