honestly jealous – Jessica Alba’s cool new green packages

She totally beat me to it. Then again, I probably don’t have quite her twitter following. Check out Honest.com for Jessica’s Alba’s new bundles. For signing up, one can receive a free sample pack of nontoxic diapers and wipes or family care products but caution! You must cancel within a few days of receiving to avoid a steep monthly charge. I signed up for the free diaper pack. 

They boast:

- Naturally biodegradable & pure plant-based PLA inner & outer sheet (NO petrochemicals!)

- Bio-based wheat / corn super-absorbent materials blended with reduced SAP gel

- NO added chemicals used during production: no lotions, perfumes, odor eliminators, fabric finishes, optical brighteners, or harsh synthetic additives.

That’s awesome but $79.95 a month is a little pricey for diapers with anchors on them. We shall see …

2 thoughts on “honestly jealous – Jessica Alba’s cool new green packages

  1. As a post script, the Honest.com sample diapers arrived and, I must admit, they have held their own in terms of fit and absorbency. The company currently doesn’t offer them a la cart, just through a subscription service. However, according to the company rep I spoke to, they are working on an online retail site offering all Honest.com products off the shelf. Still really envious.

  2. p.p.s. Just had such a good customer service experience with April at Honest.com that I signed us up for the monthly diapers and wipes service. I did the math – the only economic difference between this monthly package and what we normally buy is shipping (after the first month, which is free). We currently use Seventh Generation size 2 diapers – $0.25/diaper and Earth’s Best Chlorine-Free Wipes – $0.05/wipe). With Honest, you receive 252 diapers as the month supply (for us, that’s about 1.5x a one month supply since we use approx. 170 diapers/month) and a 4 pack of 80 count wipes (or 320 wipes) for $79.95. That’s the equivalent of $63 worth of Seventh Gen diapers and $16 worth of Earth’s Best wipes, or $79. Other features that won me over: 1) obviously these are adorable diapers, 2) they are still nontoxic and function as well as our regular brand and 3) Honest.com’s personal level of service. Specifically, my concerns with a monthly subscription service were transitioning sizes (and adjusting the monthly order accordingly), freezing or post-poning shipments and cancelling. April explained that if your baby is transitioning sizes, you can simply phone them and they will mix your monthly case with 2 sizes. She even offered her personal contact information so that I could ring her to help accomplish this. Subscribers can also call to delay their month’s supply by a week – or even a month. You can cancel at any time as well. April even let me customize my order based on our favorite patterns (I got more of the anchors, my husband’s favorite). Given this flexibility and the convenience of automating the diaper/wipe pipeline, we’re looking forward to our first shipment!

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