sh*t crunchy mamas say

Keeping with the current ’lose the vowel’ theme, I keep hearing about the twitter followings of “sh*t [insert demographic of choice]s say.” Not to be outdone by clever teenagers, here is my contribution thanks to Non-Toxic Kids: check out the Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say video. I do feel that much more comfortable in my decision to forgo cloth diapers …

honestly jealous – Jessica Alba’s cool new green packages

She totally beat me to it. Then again, I probably don’t have quite her twitter following. Check out for Jessica’s Alba’s new bundles. For signing up, one can receive a free sample pack of nontoxic diapers and wipes or family care products but caution! You must cancel within a few days of receiving to avoid a steep monthly charge. I signed up for the free diaper pack. 

They boast:

- Naturally biodegradable & pure plant-based PLA inner & outer sheet (NO petrochemicals!)

- Bio-based wheat / corn super-absorbent materials blended with reduced SAP gel

- NO added chemicals used during production: no lotions, perfumes, odor eliminators, fabric finishes, optical brighteners, or harsh synthetic additives.

That’s awesome but $79.95 a month is a little pricey for diapers with anchors on them. We shall see …