Guarded About Gardening Tools – toxic hoses and tools to void

Thanks to 7Gen Blog’s Inkslinger for doing an informative post on the high level of toxins such as lead found in garden tools. Garden hoses, for example, are not regulated at all and contain a nasty mix of chemicals that can get into those organic veggies you’ve worked so hard to grow.

From Inkslinger’s post, “Healthy Stuff examined 179 garden hoses, gloves, kneeling pads, and tools, and found that over 70% of those tested had chemical levels of ‘high concern.’ There were phthalates, flame retardants, and bisphenol-a (BPA) in hoses; heavy metals in garden tools; chlorine in gloves, and lead all over the place—some 30% of the products contained levels above 100 ppm, the federal threshold for children’s products, and over half contained PVC, a plastic that frequently leaches its own set of pollutants.”

Read the full post here. In short, try these tips:

- Don’t store your hose in the sun & let it run for a bit before using it to clear out the old water that has absorbed a lot of the chemicals contained in the hose.

- Try to buy a natural rubber hose and gloves made of natural materials (no plastic or rubber components).

- Use gloves made of stainless steel (less likely to contain lead) or unpainted wood.

And for the love of peat, write your congress person so these toxic products are at least labeled if not banned!

California’s Prop 65 requires products sold in the state that contain one of 800 harmful chemicals to contain the label “a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm.” This is not required for products sold out of state though. We have a long ways to go but the swiftest way to affect change is with your wallet. Don’t buy this junk and let the companies know why you’re not purchasing the toxic tools they sell.

Happy Gardening!