Baby laundry solved

On the heals of the Bubble, bubble toil and trouble post, I’m happy to confidently recommend the following for baby laundry (and for your laundry for that matter). BabyGanics makes a fantastic safe and gentle laundry detergent with by far the shortest, simplest ingredient list I’ve found. No synthetics, chemicals or toxins – well done BabyGanics.


I’ve also just fallen deeply in love with Method Baby Squeaky Clean Dryer Cloths. They are essentially made from coconut oil and I can’t seem to find anything wrong with them (yet!). My little munchkin’s clothes came out softer and smelling ever so faintly of coconut. His swaddle blanket smelled good enough to eat (must try and eat lunch more often so I don’t develop Pica). Given that most dryer sheets are made from animal fat and contain toxins, I don’t see why adults can’t luxuriate in these coconut gems too so I’m getting more for our laundry .